Winter Break

Josh and I most definitely got a break from the winter this past week!
The kids and Irvin/PawPaw?….not so much.

We delivered the kids to him last Friday. Molly woke up sick, so we got her taken care of and she was taking medicine and feeling a bit better even by the time we were leaving to head back home. However, strep throat made its was from Molly to Ruby and then to Mack. PawPaw was amazing!!! He took such great care of each of them…checking their temps regularly, giving them medicine and checking on them in the middle of the night. All the while cooking for them too. GG brought pizza over twice! I am so thankful for them taking care of the kids.

I felt so torn for the first three days of our trip since there was nothing at all I could do to help.
Mack was pitiful and cried on FaceTime, whimpering out, “I just wish you and Daddy didn’t have to go on that mission trip.”

Mission trip? Hmmmm…..




We were, obviously, not on a mission trip. We relaxed. We slept. We ate. We laid by the pool. We planned and had some great talks together. We enjoyed time with friends. It was heavenly.

This was my favorite morning:


I got to my chair and read a wonderful book by Sally Clarkson, OWN YOUR LIFE. It’s challenging and encouraging. I journaled and did some praying. And the sun came out in full force.

One morning the sunrise behind the clouds made a heart shape.





We came home to cold, wet weather. But we were so glad to be reunited with our kiddos! And I got started on laundry and then decided to overhaul my closet. And wow. It was a bit more than I bargained for, but it feels great to be rid of a RIDICULOUS amount of clothing.


I’ve gotten my home school lessons organized,and I think we’re ready for a great week! Happy last week of February (which can only mean spring is getting closer!) !!!

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  1. I see the brilliance of your plan — no matter where you are headed you and Josh tell the kids you are going on a mission trip *winkwink* — funny stuff! Oh, and LOVE the heart shaped sunrise!!!

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