So maybe I’m just plain crazy because it isn’t like I don’t have plenty to do around here, but we have become a puzzle family, and I am so happy about it.




I have enjoyed puzzles for many years, but mostly at Thanksgiving or Christmas time. Well, this past Christmas we moved a chair upstairs to make room for our tree….I never loved the chair, so I decided we should leave the chair in its new place and put a table in the living room where the tree had been…”You know, so we can do puzzles together. ”
Josh gave me his normal look when I want to change things around. It takes him a while to come around OR he just says no. I’ve recently learned that it’s better to ask for help moving everything back than ask if he thinks it is a good idea. Like a few months back I had him on the phone, mentioned I wanted to expand my family picture wall, heard him groan a bit and say something about doing it later. I enlisted Mack to help me move a book case out of the living room and got to hammering nails in the wall. When Josh came home, it was pretty much too late to turn back.


And it turned out great, if you ask me. See, Josh tends to be a perfectionist. He likes thing done really, exactly right. I, on the other hand, am not a perfectionist at all. I could have used a few doses of obsessive compulsive or something. It’s just not in me.
All this talk reminds me of the time he went to see his dad and took Mack with him.
I painted our dark cherry dining room set…and painted the walls of the dining room.

It also turned out pretty good. No doubt, it could have been even better if I waited for Josh to join the fun, but it is done.

Ok, so back to the puzzle table. Josh actually does like this now! And the kids, especially Ruby and Mack, have come around to enjoying putting the puzzles together. We have good conversations around this table. And wouldn’t you know I did a little research and found lists of benefits to doing puzzles! Like this little snippet:


There’s more where that came from, too!

I even became some sort of rewards member of a puzzle company. Who would have thought?!

So, if you’ve been dying to know if you should put a table in your living room for puzzles, I strongly encourage you to do so….while your husbands at work.




5 thoughts on “Puzzles!!

  1. It has been too long since I visited you here! I have loved catching up! I am inspired to start the loaner puzzle you sent us home with!

  2. LOVE the puzzle table…as you well know, I have no room for such an item, but our ottoman with a sturdy poster board on top has worked so far…we love puzzles, too! And you know I do sudoku puzzles throughout the day…love those brain games!!! Thanks for the post.

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