Another Good Season!

Mack played flag football on an Upward League through Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. He learned so much and had a great time playing football!

After the last game, the coach gave out trophies and said something about each player. He said that Mack was by far the most coachable, always in the huddle and listening intently. And I, as his mother, couldn’t agree more. 😊












I’m thankful for Mack having the opportunity to play football in a way that doesn’t take over our life! One practice a week, one game a weekend for eight weeks and lots of time in the backyard with his family throwing the ball and practicing…that is about all I can handle at this point! Josh, having played sports most of his life through college, is a good point of reference for me, having not played sports and not having a brother. He wants Mack to do well, but is extremely aware of how non-important sports really are in the big scheme of things. We want Mack to know God’s purpose for him and to do that whole-heartedly! There is nothing more important in all of life.

Mack, we are proud of how you played football! We are even more proud of how you listened and worked hard at all the practices. I loved watching you congratulate your team mates when they did something good in the game! You are special to us!
Mom and Dad

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