It’s Thursday again!

We have made it through most of the week again! I’m thankful.

Tonight Mack had football practice. He is doing great and really improving ( says his doting mom!). Every Thursday he is so excited for practice time.


Molly has been gone this week, so Ruby had to entertain herself at practice.

I’ve missed Molly, but I have really enjoyed conversations with Ruby. She is such a sweet girl, growing up so quickly! We had a long talk about gossip this evening. It was quite interesting to hear her thoughts and to talk about what the Bible says about gossip. We have read together, which is our favorite thing to do! We baked together and even napped together. Love that Ruby!

Tonight, Mack decided to get creative with his new Dollar Store purchases, and one look at him made Ruby say, ” You look like David Crowder!” She gave him her glasses and voila! What do you think?


I thought the girls played dress up a lot! This boy never tired of costumes…a ninja, a hunter, a Viking, George Washington….it never ends. He also builds and builds and builds all sort of things out of boxes and tape.





These two have enjoyed their brother/sister time, but they look forward to seeing Molly tomorrow!


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