The Spoon Experiment

So, have you ever done an experiment with your kids to see just how long they can go with NOT doing something? I tried it with Molly and the clothes under her bed, but I couldn’t take it very long.

I walked past this about two weeks ago.


A spoon. On the stairs. For two weeks. Maybe more. I am not sure when I decided that I was NOT going to be the one to pick it up, but it has now turned into an experiment. How many times can these kids go up and down these stairs and NOT pick this up? I even have times where I say, “Walk into every room, look on the floor, on couches, under couches, anywhere! And if you see anything out of place…anything at all…then put it up!”

And still there is a spoon on my stairs.

I’ll keep you posted on when this is moved to the right place and who actually does it!

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