Found This Jewel

I was doing some cleaning around here and found this precious jewel that Ruby wrote.  I couldn’t bear to throw it away, of course….it was for Josh about his mom, Gran/Debbie.

photo 1 copy


photo 2



“My grandma is the best.  I called her Gran.  She worked in the library.  I liked to visit her at the library because I loved to read and to do fun games on the computer.  We would have fun at her house and Molly always wanted to drive her golf cart.  And when it was summer we would play in the pool with her slide and diving board.  And we would do dare devil things on both the diving board and the slide!  She would read CAPS FOR SALE to us and we would act it out with all of her caps.  And we would go play putt-putt and do the arcade.  It was fun!!  And whenever we would come over she would have gifts for us.  And we would always have a lot of fun when we came over.  And one time on Christmas Eve night we were ready for bed and about to get into their bunk beds in their pool house and suddenly there was a knock on the door and Mommy and Daddy opened it and there she was acting like Mrs.  Santa Claus!  She said, “Hello, there!  Would you happen to know where my husband is?”  We laughed, when suddenly PawPaw (he’s my grandpa) jumped out and said, “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!”  It was so much fun!!! I loved Gran.”


Those are sweet words, full of love for Gran.  We are thankful that the kids do have memories of Gran…and that one day they will see her again in heaven.


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