First Day of School 2014/15

Well, well, well…the day came to wake up and get a little more done than swimming. We started our curriculum today!


“Hello! My name is Mom. I will be your teacher…again.”

I got up bright and early and did my usual routine and then I wrestled with whether or not to wake them up at 7:30am. I opted to do some Sunday School admin stuff and just wait for them to wake up. It was 8:30 before I saw any of their smiling faces. We had a busy and fun weekend with my sister and her family, so I think they needed rest.

Hilarious picture. They were about to leave to go home here, and my kids are still in pjs/ old art shirt! We so enjoyed having them here.




Ok, so back to our school day.
We read the Bible together. We had a prayer focus on the Mayan Indians. We started memorizing Matthew 4:4


Then, it was time for my second cup of coffee. And a quick prayer to, once again, thank God for the freedom to home school and for the time I get to spend with my children.


We are learning patriotic songs this year, which I think is fun. “Stars and Stripes Forever” kicked off our first day!


And then there was math and English and reading. Molly and Ruby are reading the same books, which I think will foster great conversations. I’m also trying to read them before they do…I quickly realized I shouldn’t read too far ahead because I forget what the book was about!






We ate lunch and read some more. Then, Molly and I had time to work on a sewing project for Ruby.


At this point, it’s 2:00, and I’m about to fall asleep! I took a nap, which helped me to even think about dinner prep.

All in all, it was a productive day!


Also, I will no longer be using I was informed that these are the example sentences for the word “homeschool.” I politely emailed them to let them know I disagreed with their sentences, and I left a few examples of how the word homeschool could be used in a sentence. Here are their sentences:


Wow. Someone has a bone to pick with homeschoolers. I had fun offering my own example sentences. 😊

5 thoughts on “First Day of School 2014/15

  1. I saw that nonsense and wish I were diplomatic enough to offer my owner homeschool sentences…but they just came out mean and judgmental, which is NOT a good idea…so thank you for your efforts 🙂 We had a great visit. And I love your ‘first day’ pics. Your pencil looks great. Nice first day!!!!

    1. Kristy, Are these your sentences?

      Examples for homeschool :
      The kits are also available through school and homeschool suppliers, and toy and gift catalogs.
      So this year, along with our other homeschool subjects, we’ve been doing a unit on food.
      Parents may homeschool their children for a number of reasons.
      In order to homeschool, parents may need to dedicate a significant amount of time to schooling their children.

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