Rite of Passage with Piercing

Today was a memorable day! To celebrate Ruby turning 10 years old on Monday the 26th, we made a trip to Claire’s for ear piercing!!! The subject of ear piercing came up when the girls were tiny. I thought maybe they could get their ears pierced so that they would look more like a girl…since they were both fairly lacking in the hair area for quite a while and neither of them kept bows on their head. Josh let me know that was not gonna happen. Ear piercing was a big deal to him, and he thought maybe when they were turning 16 years old they could get theirs ears pierced. 😊 Well, somewhere along the way a happy medium was reached–double digits!




She had quite the entourage to witness the occasion. Mack added his commentary through the whole ordeal…”This is so scary!”….”So they use a GUN??” And then he would try to make silly faces through the window to Ruby as she patiently waited.
Molly was excited and nervous for Ruby. She videoed the event. She is a very sweet sister! She did well considering she wanted so badly to also be able to get her ears pierced! Some how 14 months is a long time to wait.


We also ate at California Pizza Kitchen with Uncle Jason and Aunt Merrilee. They gave Ruby a cute, cute outfit, a new purse and two Nancy Drew books…with the cutest updated book covers!


We had a great day! And more birthday celebrations are coming this week. Can’t believe our first baby is about to be 10! I’m so grateful I’ve been able to spend so much time with her. This morning she got her hair cut and then she and I enjoyed breakfast at J. Christopher’s. It was a sweet time.


The kids and I have been to the pool a few times so far. It is warming up nicely out there…finally.




Mack also got a haircut this week.
I love these little kids.

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