Hard Work

It’s been a good week at The Dorminy House. We have done lots of learning and lots of cleaning. I ironed a multitude of clothing items for my dear husband. The school room got a spring cleaning today. And I cooked every single night this week. And they were all pretty good meals, if I do say so myself. We are caught up on our read aloud. I’m reading two fabulous books on my own. I even think Mack has brushed his teeth morning and evening all week. I’m telling you, it’s been a banner week.
But as in all weeks, we have our struggles. Mack and Ruby had an argument today. It started in Wal-Mart when Mack realized Ruby had money to buy tracing paper, but he did not have money to spend. He is a little slow at making the connection between work and money. He piously tells me, “Well, money isn’t everything.” I agree with him and tell him we aren’t making it out to be “everything,” but it is something! On Monday I told him that he would not get paid for the day (since he did not do his chores). He said, “We get paid today??” I told him that they do not get paid today for the chores, but what they do or don’t do affects Saturday, which is pay day. His response? ” So, we get paid tonight??” Ugh.

Today in Wal-Mart he wasn’t saying, “Well, money isn’t everything.” By his actions you would think money was indeed the center of the universe. Pouting. Whining. Crossing arms. Tears.
It was pitiful. Not in a “poor baby Mack” way, but in a ridiculous way.

We came home, all the while he tried to explain to me that I would feel the same way if I was the one left out like he was.

This selfishness began to affect Ruby when he wouldn’t go outside and play with her. Then, by the time he decided to go outside, she was ready to come inside. He got mad about that. Ends up, Ruby said she didn’t want to stay out there with him because he wasn’t talking and was being super grumpy.
I wasn’t surprised.

Soooo, on the way to pick Molly up from sewing class (you didn’t think she was anywhere around and just managing to stay innocent, did you?) I explained to Ruby that she could have been more patient and understanding, but I quickly let Mack know he was clearly taking his bad attitude out on her. Then, I told them I was staying out of it and if they didn’t figure out how to make things right with each other and with God, then they’d be sent to their room until they could.


Ruby says, “Mack, I’m sorry for being mean. Will you forgive me?”

He just shook his head and kept looking out the window.

I glance back there, hoping he doesn’t dig a deeper hole for himself.

More silence.

“Will you forgive me Ruby?”

She quickly says yes. But I asked him if he apologized. “Did you say you were sorry for….?”

He waited and then said he was sorry for being so grumpy and not playing with her.

She forgave again and all was well.

I said, “Now isn’t that better? It’s hard work to stay mad and frustrated!”

He quickly said, “Well, it’s actually really hard work to say I’m sorry. I tell my mind to say it, no don’t say it, say it, no don’t say it. That’s why I first only asked her to forgive me. I didn’t want to say sorry. ”

Wow. I told him I knew exactly what he was saying. I’ve had that same conversation with myself, especially with Josh! Why I want to be justified in my sin, I don’t know, but many times admitting I was wrong is hard work. Selfish pride. It’s ugly.

We had a good conversation on forgiveness and the importance of owning up to our actions.

This boy is just too much.

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