Each so different…

We had what I would call a “work day” around here today. Laundry, cleaning off the stairs (which seems like a silly thing, but it’s necessary if we don’t want to fall and break our neck going up or down the stairs), picking up every Lego piece that has landed in all the wrong places, ironing for an hour and a half, and much more. The house is straightened, which makes me happy. Tomorrow I’ll pull out the vacuum cleaner and dusting spray to finish off what we started today.

We also worked hard on school. Maps, verses, math facts, spelling words, grammar, and more. We finally finished THE APPRENTICE, which I enjoyed. Ruby read the last three chapters to us while I ironed. Molly was obviously not paying attention. She would ask at every break for food or for Ruby to tell her how many more pages. Mack, surprisingly, listened and answered some questions extremely well! So tonight when I asked what they liked the best about the book, the responses were:
Ruby: “I loved how it was about art and it was also a little bit of a mystery.”

Mack: “I am glad that Arduino was able to prove that he wasn’t the one who said that about the Maestro.”

Molly: “I love that it’s over.”

And there you have it. Bless her heart.

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