What a Gift! (who knew Legos could help share the gospel?)

Last night as I was tucking Mack into his own bed (as opposed to the floor of his sisters’ room where he prefers), I asked Mack what gift he wanted for Christmas. Josh and I have not bought the kids anything yet…so I thought I’d see if Mack had changed his mind about what he wanted. Earlier in the evening he was drawing pictures and putting them in envelopes and stuffing them into stockings of his sisters. He told me that it helps him to not think about what he wants when he is giving things to them. How true is that?! He did say he wanted Legos and a wrestling mask. I asked him what he thought Jesus wanted since it is His birthday we are celebrating. His eyes looked around thoughtfully, and he said, “Nothing I guess. He doesn’t need anything because everything is already His. ”
Good point, but I asked, “Nothing?”
“Well, maybe He wants everyone to be kind hearted.” Mack said.
“Mack, what Jesus wants is YOU.”
He smiled and said, “He does?” I explained that Jesus doesn’t need anything, but that He came to earth to live a perfect life and die on the cross for our sins. He rose from the grave, conquering death and will come again to get His children. “Mack, what do you think stops you from admitting you are a sinner and need Jesus to rescue you from your sins?”
He immediately got tears in his eyes and said he didn’t want to say. I asked him again and told him that he could tell me anything.
He didn’t want to say it, but he said, “I just don’t think I know enough.”
I gave him a hug, and I asked him some basic questions like “Who is Jesus?” And “What is sin?” And “What did Jesus do for you?” He answered all of the questions.
Then, I saw some Legos he had put together in the shape of a cross. A little Lego man was also laying on the book case. I asked Mack to hold the Lego man at the edge is his bed, facing the bookcase. The gap between the bed and the bookcase represented his sin. The safe landing on the bookcase was Jesus and everlasting life. I reminded him that the Lego man can’t jump or fly or work his own way over to Jesus. So, how in the world could he get to Jesus??? Then, we put the cross in between the bed and he bookcase. Mack walked his Lego man over to Jesus because of the cross, representing Jesus’ sacrificial death in my place. He made a way to rescue me from my sin. Mack and I talked about that for a little while. And I was so thankful for the opportunity to, once again, share Truth with him. I’m praying that this Christmas he might come to Jesus in salvation, realizing it is not about how much he knows, but about what Jesus has done for him. What a gift!

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