Christmas is Around the Corner!

I truly cannot believe it is already December and time to decorate the house for Christmas! We had to rearrange some furniture to make room for the tree and many nativity scenes I have collected over the years. One morning my advent devotion was about letting every heart prepare HIM room. It was a great reminder that many times our hearts are so cluttered that we don’t have room for Jesus at one of the most precious times of the year. Just like I had to rearrange my home a bit, I evaluated my heart and asked The Lord to de-clutter my soul and be sure He is more than welcome to every part of my life.

We don’t buy a real tree anymore because I think I’m allergic or something, so we do go but a wreath at a local nursery.



We had to take a picture with this tiny tree because they wanted $56 for it. That makes me laugh.

This makes me laugh, too!





We have already made a batch of cut out sugar cookies. The kids always love that. It always makes me think of The Koester family. Mary was always so patient with all the kids while we did this at her house.



Mack was a little under the weather with double ear infections the other day. This was a sweet little nap he had. Some times I wish we could just freeze the little munchkins.

I’m so thankful for the wooden sign a friend gave us. She fed my obsession with a store called Beyond the Mossy Tree. Josh calls it Beyond the Mossy Oak, bless his redneck-hunter heart.

And lest I forget, Molly had her fourth and very successful babysitting job. This little boy was happy to be playing and would let her know if he was being smothered. I continue to remind Molly that her main goal is for happy and safe babies! She gets perturbed when all they want to do is follow Mack around or laugh at him. She wants a newborn to hold and feed and hold some more. 🙂 She is sweet.


And I’ll leave you with Ruby’s unfinished chalk art that I think is precious.


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! May every heart prepare Him room. He is so worthy.


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