I’m a little nervous about what may be in my future. Josh has a recent interest in tents and lanterns and outdoor stoves. It sounds like camping, and I am unsure that I am a camper. I mean, the idea of making memories and sitting around a campfire sounds great. The reality of it, however, may be a bit much.
My first question was, “What about coffee??!!”
The next question was, “What about renting a little cottage?”
Josh was having none of that.
I’m also curious as to what happens when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, which I can guarantee will happen.

So we spent some time at a store that sells anything you need for the great outdoors. It was hilarious. Mack walked around saying “This place is awesome!!!” He was trying out play guns and trying on fishing vests. He cried when we left without a hat for him! The girls were noticing other things….like a tick remover tool. I told Molly about ticks. She was appalled. “So you mean I might get a bug on me that will suck my blood???!!!” She spotted mosquito nets and inquired about whether we needed one or not. Josh assured her it would be too cold for mosquitos to get us.
Great. That’s comforting…I love being cold.
Ruby found a s’mores stacking tool. That turned my thoughts back to happy, memory making ones…but I’m still extremely unsure about all of this. We haven’t made any purchases. And Josh has threatened to uninvite me if I keep asking such negative questions. I don’t mean to be negative. I just need a safe place to voice my concerns.

Anyhoo, I decided it was probably time to leave when Ruby saw what looked to be an antiquated pamphlet on the year 1995 , subtitled “a nostalgic look back in time.” I graduated from high school that year. It’s not THAT long ago….good grief!

So we left the store empty-handed. Mack and Josh could have stayed several more hours.
Oh! I almost forgot. Another one of my questions was, “What about bears?!” Again, Josh just shook his head and told me to stop being negative. I prefer to call it being realistic. He is extremely optimistic. He needs me to balance him out. And to remind him to bring his shotgun in case by some random chance a bear does indeed decide to visit our campsite.


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  1. Ah, the city cousins 😉 HAHA — you know I am no tent camper. I like to camp Sweetie style (in a Prevost!!).

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