Funny Little Conversation

Today I left church with the kids alone since Josh was heading in a different direction. We pulled through Zaxby’s drive-thru in order for me to get on to the business of a nap as soon as possible. I spotted a high school guy from church that is the boyfriend of a girl we all know. I mentioned that I saw him and referred to him as so-and-so’s boyfriend.
Ruby spoke up with great assertion and said, “I am never going to have a boyfriend.”
Molly gasped and said, “WHAAAAT?”
Ruby said it again without any hesitation. “I am never ever going to have a boyfriend. ”
Mack is puzzled by her perspective, but for a different reason than Molly….he says to Ruby, “but then you’ll never get to have a precious little son like me.”
Ruby rolled her eyes and then Molly baffles me when she starts asking Ruby, “What if God CALLS you to have a boyfriend?”
Ruby, again, says, “Molly, hush. I’m not gonna have a boyfriend. That’s it. ”
Molly continues to press the point. “Ruby, but what if God CALLS you to be married? Will you just be disobedient? If He CALLS you to be married, you should get married. ”

Ruby didn’t seem to really give. She just dismissed Molly’s yapping and said, “Not gonna have a boyfriend. ”

I was laughing. Ruby wants nothing to do with the boyfriend mess. Molly can’t imagine why Ruby would say such a thing. And Mack, bless his heart, can’t imagine that Ruby wouldn’t want someone as sweet and precious as him in her life one day.

These kids crack me up.

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