A Productive Day After All

There were a room full of ladies from Sunday School class over last night, and we enjoyed talking until about 10:00. Then, I spent some more time talking to Josh. It was late when I finally went to sleep, which has made our morning a bit challenging. I’m too embarrassed to say exactly what time we got started on actual school work. But I will tell you that everyone was (and still is) a bit cranky. It seemed like we were making more messes than actually learning anything and having a productive morning.
However, earlier in the morning the girls were doing their Bible study and had an activity to write an encouraging note to our trash pick-up guys. The girls were excited when I told them that the trash was getting picked up soon, so this would be a great morning to do the activity. Molly made her sign quickly and taped it to the trash can.
A few minutes later I heard the trash truck coming down the road. They went to the front of the house and watched the men to see if they noticed the sign. I said a quiet prayer that the men would be gracious and would indeed notice.
Sure enough, the kids were smiling and laughing. They said the men saw the sign and one took out his ear buds and showed the other guy and they smiled! How neat! Hopefully Molly’s note encouraged them as they did their job today.


Makes me want to be more aware of the many opportunities I have to encourage those around me day to day.

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