Still in shock!

I took the kids for their 6 month dental cleaning. The girls got a clean bill of health–no cavities!

Mack, yet again, had a negative report. Did he have a cavity? Two cavities? Three, maybe?

Try six! What in the stinkin’ world?!

After gasping, I let her explain that they were all in between teeth and super small, but needed to be taken care of. And she asked, “Does he like sweets?” Well, yes. He loves all things candy. But still!!! Six????!!!????

Gracious. (Can you tell I’m still in shock?)

So, we stopped at the local grocery store and went straight to the dental hygiene section. I bought a few kind of floss, a couple new kinds of toothpaste, mouthwash and new toothbrushes.
I put this stuff at the kitchen sink, and I told Mack that he most definitely will be having mom or dad brush and floss his teeth for him after every meal. No complaining or excuses!!
His reply? “But she said I can only brush after dinner.”

He was referring to the fluoride treatment he got today that the dentist doesn’t want brushed off, so she said to wait until after dinner to brush. Today only. So despite the absolute confidence with which Mack spoke about only needing to brush after dinner, I told him I thought I would bypass his advice on dental hygiene…considering he is the one with SIX cavities.

I told the hygienist that I suppose Mack being the baby of the family AND a boy wasn’t working in his favor in the cleanest teeth department. Meanwhile, we may have to skip his next three birthdays to pay for all the cavities!!!


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