My body is adjusting to an earlier wake-up call and fuller days. It feels like I’m gonna die around 2:00, but somehow we push through. “Somehow” included a siesta this rainy afternoon.

We’ve had a great first week.

Monday started out with a personal letter to each kiddo letting them know how excited I am to be their teacher and see how they grow and learn.

They all seemed excited to get started.

Ruby’s favorite part of the day is Reading.

Molly has enjoyed her reading time as well, but singing geography songs is probably her favorite.


Mack’s favorite part of the week was football evaluations. And snack time ran a close second.

These are the sisters waiting for the brothers to finish the evaluation.

My favorite part of the day is rest time….kidding….

It might be starting our school day in God’s Word….

Or maybe having breakfast with this cutie.
We have had a productive week! Sonlight curriculum includes plenty of reading out loud, so my voice is quite tired. Good thing Ruby reads so well! She shares the reading load. And Molly helps me by reading certain directions to Mack when he is stuck. Mack helps my prayer life as I constantly pray for wisdom on whether to keep him focused or let him have a break.

We had a ladies night with Sunday School girls, and we all brought a picture from elementary school. Here’s the one I brought:

I was about 7 or 8, I believe. It reminded me that at that age I was the Teacher’s Pet–big time. Mrs. Smith would bring dolls from her house and let me stay in from recess and play with he dolls or help her grade papers. I helped her all throughout the day. Can you say “showing favoritism”? It reminded me that I was probably much like Molly, whom I find on Sundays wearing a teacher’s name badge in Sunday School and checking kids out at pick-up time!! So funny. She is definitely an administrative helper type.
I was also about this age when I asked Jesus to save me from my sins and live within me. While going through old pictures, I found a picture of my pastor at the time, Brother Fred Lowery. What a kind and loving man.

I love how memories flood your mind all with one picture. I hope my kids and I are making memories that they will look back in with great fondness one day! I’m glad we get this time together. And I sure hope my body continues to adjust to our new schedule!!!!

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