Pre-first day of school chat

So what exactly does a home schooling family do to get started back into their school routine? I suppose the answer to that question has as many answers as one could imagine. I’ve been preparing all summer off and on by organizing curriculum, cleaning out old supplies and filling in with some new supplies (including fresh, long pieces of chalk that Mack and Molly spent an afternoon cutting into tiny pieces!!???), and reading as many encouraging books in regards to home schooling as I could get my hands on/fill my kindle with! But there had to be a jolt to our system or a meeting or something to mark the beginning of a new routine (the ending of staying up late, sleeping late, swimming, playing, getting together with friends, etc). We didn’t have a need to buy new clothes or check off specific school supplies lists. We didn’t have a teacher meet and greet. It’s just mom as teacher….again…just like the past four years. Bless them.

So I decided that Principal Daddy would need to lead a family meeting as we turn our attention to a new school year. After we had our own little talk, we called the kids downstairs. He moved to sit by me in the couch so that, as he said, “we can show a united front.”
The students took their seats:


The principal got on to the teacher for using her phone during his speech:


He encouraged them to take full advantage of the privilege and blessing of being able to learn. He challenged them to obedience. He also shared consequences. We are going to try a chore jar and see if we can nip some complaining and disobedience. Mack, much later in the evening, came to me a little worried that he would have to do a chore from the jar. I told him he probably would, but it is all to help him remember to obey the first time. Molly piped up and said, “Yeah, I’m sure I’m gonna do plenty of chores. ” At least she is prepared for consequences.

I also bought each child a new pair of pajamas since we have been known to spend an extended amount of time in our pajamas while working on school. I also found some very cute scriptures on these adorable vinyl sheets that will stick anywhere without ruining the surface. They each got their own set to put anywhere, and I cannot tell you how proud I was to see them get excited about placing the stickers in just the right spots! I’ll have to share more about those another time.


So, here we go. Another start to The Dorminy Academy of Scholarly Endeavors. Kidding. Here we go at the beginning of another year of teaching and learning for all of us…an adventure I did not see coming and that brings me to my knees on many occasions, but that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Presenting, Ruby Elizabeth at 9 years of age entering 4th grade:


And Molly Lee at 7 years of age entering 3rd grade:


And Mack Joshua, age 6, entering 1st grade-ish:


I cannot wait to see all the ways each of them will grow and all the wonderful new concepts they will learn. I am grateful for the time I am with them, getting to know them and praying that I am training them in the things of God, which is what matters most! Oh that I will remember that when I feel woefully inadequate for the task of being their teacher.

We ended the night with pound cake, ice cream and strawberries, which makes saying goodbye to such lazy days a bit easier.


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