A Masters Tradition was born….maybe.

photo copy 28This crew came over last night for some golfing fun!  This past Saturday I had a random thought that maybe I should teach my kids about The Masters Golf Tournament, seeing how I am from Augusta and even worked at The Masters one year.  This is a big week for the city of Augusta!  How could I just live here in Woodstock, Ga and pretend like it was just any other week???  I couldn’t.  🙂

So as I thought about teaching my kids about the Masters, the plan got a little bigger.  We invited some long time friends over (they are the ones who would play along and not make too much fun of me or decide that they didn’t want to be friends anymore…they are too invested), and we had, in my opinion, a good time.

We ate pimento sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches because they serve these at the tournament!

I made “The Green Jacket Salad” that a family friend passed along to me and explained to the group about the restaurant that used to be across from the Masters called “The Green Jacket.”

And I made these cute cupcakes!

photo copy 12

photo copy 26photo copy 11

I had the couples take a quiz together, full of Masters trivia!  They all did very well and learned a bit more about this amazing week in the process.

Then, we took things outside for a little friendly competition.  The couple who collectively got closest to our “hole” was the Champion.

photo copy 10 photo copy 50 photo copy 51There was plenty of strategizing.

But only one winner….

photo copy 9Yes, that is a “turd green jacket.”  From Goodwill.

photo copy 8Very proud of our group!  Mauldin’s were the Champions.  The Anderson’s were in second place, so they were awarded matching mugs so that they can sit together and reflect on what they can do different next year in order to also receive their own Green Jacket.  The Dutton’s were good sports.  And I am just glad my putts were just for fun and not included in the competition.

I close this post with a shot of my favorite Masters memory…..1987….I was a ten year old girl playing outside on Meadowbrook Drive in what is now the ghetto of Augusta.  And my parents called me in to see Larry Mize, a native Augustan, win the Masters.

mizeHappy Masters Week!




4 thoughts on “A Masters Tradition was born….maybe.

  1. Kristy, did you drive a drink cart around the field and listen to Tiger Wood’s potty mouth? Happy Master’s week!

  2. What a great party!! I did tell my kids about The Master’s too. They weren’t too interested….although I bet they’d be interested in putting and eating those yummy looking cupcakes!! Glad you all had fun! 🙂

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