Lessons From Walnut Grove

It’s been a long February. To be the shortest month on the calendar, it sure did take its time ticking by. The kids and I have spent many days under blankets reading books and doing math. They have spent more time together than most siblings should. We resorted to pulling out our “Little House on the Prairie” series. We love each show…except for the one when Isaiah is attacked by a bear. We all had nightmares after that shocker! We just haven’t made much time for the prairie around here until the last week or so.

tvshow-little-house-on-the-prairieIt seems that many life lessons have been taught around here while watching the Ingalls’ in action. That Caroline never snaps at Charles. She just greets him with smiles and love and a little, “Oh, Charles…” from time to time. We talk about mean old Nellie. Ruby’s fiesty side comes out quite vividly when she talks about how “if I were there, I would punch that Nellie in the nose!!” Mary’s blindness really got them curious about braille and what it would be like to not see. We’ve seen the girls rush to rescue puppies drowning in a lake. We have conquered questions about alcohol and child abuse. We have had many discussions about finances and debt….even some good talks about snobby Mrs. Olson and why Mr. Olson puts up with her. On and on I could go….

But I will stop on this one: Doc Baker has sure delivered a many a baby in Walnut Grove. My, my, my….some even from unmarried young girls. Talk about some discussions. Ruby used to be satisfied with my answer that babies come out of the mommy in a miraculous way. Now she says, “But how?” So the other day we were talking about all of this, and I decided to start at the beginning. She seemed to be listening intently. I asked her if she knew who were the first two people in the very beginning.
“Adam and Eve. ”
“Yes! And they were alone, except God was with them, but how do you suppose there came to Cain and Able?”

Blank stare.

So I added, “How do you think Adam and Eve ended up with all of the kids they had? There wasn’t just Cain and Able. There were more girls and boys and one was named Seth. ”

Very quickly she ascertained the reason. “Well, it sounds to me like it was her punishment.”

I had to make myself not burst into laughter. Oh my goodness. Her punishment? Too funny.

We continued our talk and it was as sweet as can be. I fully anticipated some crazy looks or one too many questions for me to answer, but it went wonderful.

So, if you are in need of getting your children talking to you about life, turn on a “Little House on the Prairie” episode and let the fun begin.



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