Tribute to my Meme


Spray cheese.


My grandmother used to have this oh-so-healthy snack at her house for us on a regular basis….along with Rice Krispie cereal of which we would fill with scoopfuls of sugar.

Back to the cheese.  My kids have never tried Bugles and spray cheese, so today at the store I decided to buy some and let them try it out.

photo copy 5They were not sure about it.

photo copy 4But they tried it anyway.

They seemed to like squirting it rather than eating it, but at least I know that I have introduced them to the wonderful snack of Bugles of spray cheese.  And I enjoyed thinking about my Meme who is a part of so many fond childhood memories.


2 thoughts on “Tribute to my Meme

  1. Kylie, my 6 year old, LOVES cheese. Santa left her a can of spray cheese in her stocking and I think she was more excited about it that than anything else she got that day.

  2. My grandmother had a biscuit cabinet in her kitchen. She made homemade biscuits every morning. No matter what meal we were eating, it always ended with passing out bowls and biscuits. We’d crumble them up in the bowl and butter crumbled over that. My grandparents raised sugar cane and made cane syrup, so it was topped with that liquid gold. Mix it up and eat it with a spoon. Oh, so un-healthy! But nothing like it!

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