Interesting words coming out of my mouth….

As a mom, I find myself some times having conversations that are just funny.  At times I wonder how in the world certain words can be coming out of my mouth….

Take this evening.  The kids had been playing outside a ton since the temperatures have been so mild.  They get dirty, sweaty, and dead grass covers their clothes.

It was  TIME for a shower.  I directed all three upstairs to get cleaned up for our fun family night.

They all came down and appeared to be clean.  I asked each of them if they made sure to scrub their hineys.  One obedient, compliant child said, “Oh yes.”  Another one said, “Of course.”  And another one that will remain unnamed said, “Um, I forgot.”

“Um, how can you forget?  That is kind of the main point of the shower, don’t you think?,” I asked.

“NO!  I washed my hair!!”

And then I said, “I’m sorry, dear, it doesn’t matter how good your hair smells if your hiney stinks.”

It’s true, and yet I didn’t really ever envision myself saying those exact words all together like that.

The children all shook their head in agreement….maybe it will become a standard principle in their life….”It doesn’t matter how good my hair smells if my hiney stinks.”


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