Ruby 2008
Ruby 2008

Molly was riding in the back seat yesterday when, as serious as she could be, she asked, “Mom, what does it take to be famous?”

“Hmmm,” was my reply while I wondered why she might be asking such a question.

She continued, “Like, are you famous only because you can sing?”

I started by telling her that it didn’t take singing to make you famous—there are famous authors, pianists, artists, and more.  THEN, I also added that it depends on what you think famous means.  And I assured her that she probably wouldn’t really like being famous….and she quickly replied, “Oh yes I would.  I want to be famous.”

Ruby, being the opposite of Molly, said, “I do NOT want to be famous, where all those people know you and want to come to your house.  I would not like that at all.”

We had a little discussion about how the people that are often NOT well-known in the world are the ones that serve without recognition and are known by God, which is most important.

This conversation prompted me to look up the word famous.  It’s an adjective that means “known about by many people.”  Synonyms for famous are “renowned, celebrated, noted, well-know, famed.”

Then, that made me think about that praise song about Jesus being the famous one.  And He is in my heart….known, celebrated, famed.

But then that reminded me that while Jesus is known by many people, He is isn’t known to nearly all that He wants to be known to, which should spur me on to make Him famous to those I come in contact with daily.  This season of Christmas is such a wonderful opportunity to share Christ.

The stage is set for us to talk about the true star of everything, Jesus Christ, the celebrated One!


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