A is for Apple

After a Waffle House breakfast this morning, we took a trip to the Apple Orchard in Blue Ridge.  It was a beautiful day for picking apples.  

The tractor ride was fun for the kids, of course.

The store was full of all things fall…candied apples, apple fritters, apple cinnamon bread, apple cider and more!

We made a surprise stop in at the boot store, and Mack was beside himself with joy!

Ruby got a horse shoe shirt.  Molly got a pink cowgirl hat.  Mack got a cowboy hat and a pair of boots.  The girls wanted to know why he got boots and they didn’t….we explained to them that these shoes will be Mack’s only new shoes for a very long time.  They, however, will likely get cute pink shoes, cute tennis shoe, and some boots from Target–black ones and brown ones.  Girls like a variety of shoes.  Boys can go with what works–especially when a boy really does think he is a cowboy.

I’m back and adding a picture I forgot to put on of Molly!  She looks so cute in her pink hat.

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