We did it!

We made it through a fabulous first week getting back into our school routine.  Mack seems to have gotten a little more used to the read-alouds and the handwriting…and he even likes it.

I was laughing when I found many, many pictures Mack took of himself with my camera last Sunday morning.  I’ll start with those and then move on to our school pics.



Some of his pictures remind me of myself when I accidentally have my camera facing myself, and I scare myself at how rough I look.  Funny.

Ruby read some poems aloud while in her bathing suit and standing on a chair.

Molly loves practicing cursive!

Ruby got a haircut one day this week.  Molly helped me with some flashcards while we waited.

Mack practiced writing the letter “B.”  Can you guess what he said these B’s looked like?…..Boys!

He is crazy.  These jeans finally went in the trash this week.  I didn’t mind the knee holes, but the hole he found in another inappropriate place turned these jeans into trash.

We went to lunch at Chuy’s today. It was our first time and there was plenty of decorations in that place to keep the kids’ attention!  And even though we didn’t go on vacation this summer, this picture kind of makes it look like we did!

There you go!  A fun first week of school!  Glad to be back at it.

And another accomplishments of sorts that could go under the title “We did it!” is my memorization of James.  I got the study for Christmas and went through it alone…I thought it was crazy that Beth Moore asked us to consider memorizing the whole book of James.  However, I thought I should try it.  I worked on it for about five months and made it to chapter four…then I led the study with our class and some neighbors, and they held me accountable as I recited a chapter each week.  This coming Tuesday, Lord-willing, I will recite the last 11 verses, and then I will do a little jig on the inside for reaching the goal!  And, just like God, I met with a younger girl this week who (not knowing I had just finished memorizing James) told me she would like me to hold her accountable to memorizing James!  How neat is that?  Obviously, I still have some learning to do from James.


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  1. Love it. And I bet our kids would get along well 🙂 , my oldest Caleb has done that same thing with the camera… And he love cursive. Oh and r you a part of a homeschool group?? I’m not but would love to be….

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