A Day at Home Playing

Today it was a joy to wake up to cloudy skies and some rain.  I am weary of the pool and sun…we’ve been out in the water and the heat most every day for the past seven weeks.  I am tempted to start school, but I am waiting until the last week of July to officially start.

In the meanwhile, I asked the kids at breakfast what they wanted to do with me today all by themselves right here at home.  See, I have to MAKE myself “play.”  It doesn’t just come naturally to me to say, “Hey, Molly, let’s color together” or “Ruby, wanna play dollhouse?” or maybe, “Mack, would you like to try and figure out how to put some of your LEGOs together (even though you’ve totally disregarded my organizational system that would have allowed you to enjoy your LEGOs instead of just looking at the million and one pieces in that huge rubbermaid container)?”

SO, we’ve had some quality time around this house today.  I was particularly tickled at Ruby while we played dollhouse.  And, really, it wasn’t so much that we were playing together as that she was telling me how to play and what to say.  She was totally stunting my creative juices.  I wanted the babies to cry and be hungry, but she said, “No, Mom.  They are good babies and are just sleeping.”  I wanted the Dad to sit and talk to the Mom on the couch about her day.  She said, “No, Mom.  It’s already 9:30.  They need to go to bed now.”

Here’s where I got a laugh.  In the “morning,” Ruby said that the Dad was going to stay home til noon, but that the babies needed to go to daycare.”

Really?   This intrigued me.  I said, “Ruby, is the mommy working?”

“No.  She is staying at home.”

“Well, Ruby, why are the kids going to daycare?  Can’t they stay home with the mommy?”

She said, very confidently, “The mom cannot get anything done around the house if the babies stay home!”

Well, there you go.  Wake ’em up and ship ’em out if you want to get anything done.  Why did I never think of that??

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