…and it’s almost June!

Wow.  I’m not surprised, but it can be mind-boggling how quickly May sweeps by me each year.  We have had a full month of finishing up school, going to Augusta to visit family, going to NYC to meet up with Josh for a few days, watching the kids in a musical and celebrating Ruby’s 8th birthday.  It was also a difficult one as I’ve been walking with a friend through a very difficult time.  It makes the good and peaceful times that much more wonderful.  Life isn’t always as simple or as pleasant as we’d like it to be, is it?

So during the moments of fun and laughter, I was extra aware of the blessings of life and was able to say thank you to God for the days of light-hearted fun. And I even got to the point of saying thank you to God as I’ve seen Him working in this very heavy situation.  He still sees everything. He is still the God of all comfort, and I am so thankful for that!

So here are some pictures from our month of May…

MOLLY lost another tooth…This one was pulled out by her cousin, Jud.
Sweetie is back there somewhere! We all celebrated my mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day and Ruby’s birthday.
After choir dress rehearsal…Ruby was a squirrel and Molly was a starfish. They wore cute headbands during the performance, which made it more clear what they were. I couldn’t find my girls in the performance until it was halfway over because there are so many kids in that choir! (By the way, this is Mack’s favorite shirt that he wears all. the. time.)
Early morning Birthday Kiss for Ruby!
Receiving instructions on how to go about the Birthday Gifts Scavenger Hunt–these kids have a fabulous Daddy!
Carousel ride at Northpoint Mall!

Since we have no more babies in the house, we got rid of the baby swing and put up this new contraption.

The girls got these pretend eyeglasses from Claire’s. They are so funny! And both of these gowns were for Ruby, but she let Molly wear one and they slept in the same bed. Sweet Sisters!
We went swimming at a friend’s house yesterday and the kids were exhausted afterwards!! They must have swam for 4 1/2 hours straight!

So all in all, May has been a good month for the Dorminy Family.  Looking forward to swimming a lot this summer!

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  1. I love the glasses. Do you remember me having a fit for pretend glasses…Mama took me all over Regency Mall (yowza) and I finally found a pair…I looked ‘deep’ and fit in better at DFA with my artsy-glasses-wearing self (hahahaha!). They are very cute. And AMEN to those ‘thank yous’ to God for fun and peaceful days!!!!

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