Fun Easter Weekend

We spent several days in South GA and enjoyed the time with Irv, GG and Papa Mac very much.  The kids swam in freezing water, but they did not mind one bit.  We also went fishing one morning.  Friends of The Dorminy’s welcomed us into their cabin, showed us around, let the kids shoot bb guns, swing and drive the golf cart around.  They loved every second of it!  It happened to be quite cold that morning, and we weren’t prepared–thankfully, Mrs. Penny was prepared and shared her sweatshirts with us.  The kids went and played putt-putt one afternoon with PawPaw.  They swam some more, and then we had a great Easter service on Sunday at PawPaw’s church.

Mack (5), Molly (6), and Ruby (7)

Mack (5), Molly (6), Ruby (7)

Thankful for the Celebration of our Risen Savior!

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  1. how cute and how fun! Jud wore the same thing Mack had on!! lol! too funny! And please tell Ruby and Molly to be kind to those outfits and sandals….Kaybeth would really enjoy wearing them! 🙂

    btw-YOU look fabulous in your red dress!!!

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