The Dorminy Family has had a full week!  We’ve done a little traveling and have enjoyed all of our time away.  Mack turned 5 on Wednesday, and I am 35 today.  This morning Mack asked if it was really my birthday.  I said, “Yes, you just turned 5 and now I am  35!”  He went into this statement:  “And next you will be thirty-” and I had to stop him.  “Mack, I just turned 35, let’s not talk about what comes next.  I’ll be 35 for 364 more days!”

It reminded me of the rounding lesson I had with Ruby the other day.  The directions were for her to circle the number that the middle number would round to…it looked like this:

30    35    40

I just laughed and joked with Ruby that NORMALLY you’d round up, but where it concerns her mama’s age, always round DOWN.


We looked through Mack’s baby book of pictures, and I must confess that I am glad that I am not just now coming home with a newborn.  It was a sweet time and all, but we are enjoying this season of life so much!  Not to mention that the pictures of me in that book are horrible.  I had Mack at 3:54am after laboring for about 7 hours or so.  In one picture I am faking a smile and holding a vomit bucket.  Lovely.

I continue to pray that I will grow old gracefully and not fight it with all I have.  I mean, seriously, there’s nothing you can do about  getting older and aging.  I want to embrace it, enjoy it and schedule regular hair coloring appointments.

Happy Birthday to Mack and me.

I close with a few pics of Mack throughout his five years.   He’s much cuter to watch age than me!

I included the above picture in case anyone wanted to count all of my teeth.

He doesn’t sit in the sink and play anymore.

This was at his first birthday party.  I distinctly remember not paying quite enough attention to him during the cake eating and then waking up that next morning to chocolate throw up in his crib.  Yuck.

He does still do this from time to time.

You’d cry, too if you had two sisters that own all things pink and purple.

We’ve worked on getting more toys especially for boys over the past five years though.

He’s learned a little about working hard over his five years.  A little.

He’s gotten a ton of haircuts.  Just recently he wanted a mow hawk.  We worked on a faux hawk and then cut it a little to make it a “low hawk.”  It was really cute.  Then, Molly decided to cut Mack’s hair and her own, so he has a buzzed head again.

This was Christmas two years ago.  He is a mess.

And he is loved by all of us!

5 thoughts on “Rounding

  1. Ok we have the same high chair, same Thomas shirt and same big boy undies! weirdddd 🙂 – I like that you could spare a sec to smile fakely with the vomit bucket. HAHA thats rough 🙂 – I do love the age 5… so sweet. I dont think our newborn days are over… but I do think once they are, I will enjoy the freedom that does seem to come once the kids are a bit older.

  2. Happy birthday to Mama and son 🙂 And is it just me, but has Mack been the same size his entire life??????????? I mean, seriously…the boy has the same baby face………..same haircut……………… age well even as toddlers!?!? SO not fair 😉 I hope you guys had a great week…and maybe avoid the chocolate football cake throwup this year! *still counting your teeth btw*

  3. Kristy,
    I always smile while reading your posts. You write exactly as you speak and I can “hear” you while I read. I especially loved the comment re: your teeth which is funny since I always notice people’s teeth and thought you had nice ones. 🙂 Have a sweet birthday! 35 has nothing on you!

  4. lol @ Marcy’s comment!!! SO funny! HaPpY bIrThDaY to Mack and Kristy Koo!!! We LOVE you!!! 🙂 Hope you both had a wonderful week!

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