Monday was President’s Day, and I was BLESSED to have the day “off.”  My sweet friend, Melissa, and her husband, Mr. Bill, offered to keep our kids the whole day!!!  They are out of school for Winter Break.  I had no idea how wonderful my day alone would be!  I am so appreciative for friends who love us and love our kids…and whom we love.  We’ve known the Barsh’s for about 10 years.  They’ve been in Sunday School with us for that amount of time.  We both have two girls and a boy who are all born very close to one another.  It works so nicely when they get together.  Everyone has a friend with which to play.  Nice.

Melissa sent me some pictures from their fun-filled day.  And it was fun-filled.  Our kids were up and ready to go EARLY.  They have never gotten dressed, brushed their teeth and eaten their breakfast so quickly.  And just like the Barsh’s, they were so ready for my three to come over…popsicles, sidewalk chalk, brownies, wii, and more!  They had a blast!

Aren’t they all so cute together?  I love it.  Thank you, Melissa and Bill!!!  I enjoyed my day of fun errands, shopping, breakfast and dinner out with Josh, and long pockets of silence.  It was much needed.  We love you guys!

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