11 years and still Loving.


Today marks 11 years of wedded bliss between Josh and me.  I “cheesed” it up and wrote a little poem for him and attached it to a small shovel.  We’ve talked about how we can look back and see how we’ve lived life more on the surface than digging deep…playing it “safe” instead of risking all of our small plans for whatever it is that the Lord might have for us.  I do pray we have the next 11+ years to dig deep into life together.

Eleven Years of Digging and Living Life with You

We married at age 23 in 2001. Little did we realize, the fun had just begun!

We worked, we played, we payed the rent on a sweet, one-bedroom apartment;

(Weren’t those years so dear?)

Then in time we signed the line–(our address is here) Trail– excited for the next fun chapter of our fairytale.

First, Ruby. Then, Molly. And then came Mack! One thing is certain–for babies, we did not lack!

In searching for the next big thing, we set our sights on MORE– then the Lord used restlessness to show us He had a better plan in store.

We lost your mom to Heaven–the loss too much to comprehend, but once again, our Heavenly Father showed Himself to be the One on Whom we could depend.

God has shaped us in ways we never might have chosen, but I love the way He has woven the ups and downs of all of life because He’s made us a better husband and wife.

The shovel is to be a symbol of the goal for (Lord-willing) all the years to come. Let’s go deeper, stay off the surface as we live this life as one.





2 thoughts on “11 years and still Loving.

  1. HaPpY aNnIvErSaRy!!!! Love the poem. You missed your calling girly….you have a way with words. Josh is one lucky duck!!!

    Seriously though, ya’ll are one blessed couple!! Love you both!

  2. happy anniversary. love the 1997 picture. you guys look like babies…i guess at one time we all did.

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