Life is moving on…

Well, well, well…January is about to be over, which is just crazy to me.  Time is such a weird thing.

And here I am trying to catch up on my blog, just wanting to update on our family for our remembrance because things change quickly around here and the kids are growing like weeds.  Mack will be five in about eight weeks, which is just so strange to me.  I’ll deal with the fact that my baby is so not a baby some other time.

Let’s see….January started with that one great home school day we had.  I recorded what we did in hopes to duplicate it for many days.  That did not happen.  Not even a little bit.

My grandfather passed away on the 7th, so I went to Augusta for about four emotionally draining days.  Whew.  Deaths are difficult enough.  Add a little drama and you can find yourself mentally exhausted.  Those days, though, have really been helping me think about some life issues and challenged me to examine the way I “do life.”

We got home and tried to get back into our routine, which did eventually happen.

Josh and I will officially be married 11 years on Friday, but we celebrated last weekend since it didn’t work out for us to be together on the actual date.  It was a fun time away.  I really enjoy spending time with him.  He’s such a good husband and my very best friend.

This week we’ve been doing school and doctoring some strep throat.

Let me see if I can give some personal little updates:

Ruby is SUCH a first born.  I love watching her and the way she bosses leads the others.  She loves to wrestle and run and chase and push.  Quite the aggressive one if you don’t watch her.  She likes to sleep alone (as opposed to how the other two love to sleep in the same room).  She is getting so much better at her math.  She still loves to read.  She still hates taking medicine.  She loves desserts, hates most real food.  She is quiet if I have her one on one, but comfortably so…just likes being with me and doesn’t need constant conversation.  She memorizes well and loves, loves, loves to sing out of the hymn book (whether she knows the tune or not).  She always puts up some sort of argument about why she shouldn’t have to go to bed.  She’s gonna play soccer starting in March.

Molly is a sweet middle child, just like her Mama was.  heehee…..Really, she is sweet to the others, but if you get her mad she really has quite a mean tone of voice that, unfortunately, she really did get from me.  Yikes.  She is growing her hair out to go down to her ankles, or so she says.  She always wants to help me in the kitchen, and she does a good job….she’ll fix breakfast three out of five mornings. She  uses a cane to walk even though she doesn’t need one.  She asked for a wheelchair for her birthday.  (don’t know what that is about)  She can still throw herself on the ground with no control of her limbs when things aren’t going her way.  It’s quite scary.  She helps Mack with anything he asks her to.

And Mack–He is rotten.  There is really no way around it.  Sweet?  Absolutely!!  Funny?  You bet!!!  Rotten?  Yes.  I just love watching him be “all boy.”  Just this past week he had a friend over, and I loved seeing him play so well with Lincoln.  They fought with swords, played with trucks and just had a good time together.  I took them to the Dollar Store and Wal-Mart to pick out a toy.  They liked that!  Mack LOVES the Dollar Store.  He gets little men wrestlers and plays with them. ??  He still thinks he is too little to do any jobs.  I’ll ask him to put away his pajamas or try to make his bed and he says, “But I’m just a little boy” or “I’m your baby.”  What a stinker!!!  He likes to tell Ruby that she is not in charge of him.  He says that little statement often….”YOU are not in CHARGE of MEEEEE!!!!!”  He eats too much junk.  Candy is his friend…gummy bears, peppermints, gum, sweet tarts….you name it, he likes it.

Josh is traveling fairly regularly for this and that.  Each week I have a suitcase to unload, it seems.  He is still teaching Sunday School at this season of life, which makes for almost 10 years of teaching Young Adults.  He loves it.  He still has a great attitude about most every situation we might find ourselves in, which is a priceless gift.  I can tell you the worst thing that can happen….and I can tell you in record time.  He doesn’t work that way….thank the Lord!  We surely don’t need two of me.  He enjoys playing wii with the kids…and beating them.  He still doesn’t know where the laundry basket is after all these years….oh wait, it’s so close to our anniversary….I better be nice.  In all seriousness, he is such a great husband and Daddy and provider and leader of our home.  I am blessed beyond belief with him.

So there’s a little update.  I’m sure you were dying to hear all about us.  Now here are some pictures:

Are these not the cutest little friends?  They were so kind to each other and really seemed to just enjoy being together.  So cute!

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