Just “great”

We were just playing with some play-doh, and you wouldn’t believe how creative Molly can be!  I would have taken pictures, but my camera battery is dead.  The kids were all enjoying making interesting things.  Mack worked hard on a horse/cow thing.  It was hard to identify, but he was having fun with it.  Molly made a neat little face on this ball, and said, “Wow, Molly.  You are so artistic.”

Mack said, “But I’m not.”

Careful to make sure he didn’t feel left out, I said, “Oh, Mack, you are artistic, too!!!!!!”

He replied, very matter-of-fact, “That’s ok if I’m not artistic.  You can just say I am great.”

“Oh, ok….You ARE great, Mack.”

“Yeah-God made me, so that means I am great.  You can just say I am great.”

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