Is it really February?!

My, oh my!  I cannot believe that it is really February.  Before we know it, the sun will actually consistently shine again, flip flops will be a necessity, along with popsicles and sunscreen.

Ok, maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself.

VALENTINE’S DAY!  It’s on its way, and I love it.  I do not know why, but I just love all the tacky decorations and candy and hearts and flowers.  Oh, so fun.

Here are some of the things we have going on in prep for V-day:

-Making Valentine bags to take to school to collect Valentines from our friends in (pictures to come).

-Baking cookies for our wonderful Sunday School teachers (again, pictures to come).

– A Sunday School class party where we get to all bring our wedding albums!  And there will be Wii set up for those not interested in looking at wedding albums.

-Preparing for Molly’s class party…I found a cute, cute craft idea!  Can’t wait to show how it turns out.

-Putting candy in bags for Valentines to hand out to our friends at school:

We put these together (cute card thanks to one afternoon.  It was hilarious.  Mack has a hard time not eating any piece of candy in sight.  He made it through though because I restricted him to the left over candy canes from Christmas.

Molly took this picture, which is proof that when the fun candy part was over, I was deserted to finish up all alone.

Not to change the subject, but we also started a new method of snacking at our house.  All three of the munchkins eat a lot.  They ask a NUMBER of times each day if they can have a snack.  “Can I have a snack now?”  or  “I just made my bed…can I have a snack?”  or  “I ate all of my lunch…can I have a snack?”

I gave each of them two baggies.  I filled one with goldfish.  I put a fruit roll up and some vanilla wafers in another one.  I explained that these are the snacks for the day.  They can eat them any time they want, pretty much, but I did give them a good idea about how they might most benefit from the snacks being spread out throughout the day.  Ruby seemed to totally get it.  She ate her muffin and blueberries for breakfast and then went upstairs to get started on Spelling Bee words.  Molly ate THREE muffins and her strawberries and went upstairs to get her school stuff out.

Mack stuffed his banana in his mouth, left the muffin and decided on an early snack:

7 thoughts on “Is it really February?!

  1. I love that face Mack is making! Let me know how the new snack plan goes. I only allow one snack in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. I still get asked for snacks ALL DAY LONG. Especially Macy. If they aren’t asking for food they are asking for a drink. And of course you can’t watch television or do too much school work without food and drink. Gracious!

  2. We had snack rules growing up. I was always envious of the kids who could go to the fridge and eat whenever they wanted. We could have two snacks. One around 3 and one after dinner (we ate usually around 5:30). One had to be fruit and one could be something sweet. Oh but there was rules to that…3 cookies, 1 swiss cake roll etc…we had rules to almost everything in our house.

  3. I never tried the snack rule.I just screamed at the top of my lungs ‘THE KITCHEN IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED.’ Now that mine are older my kitchen is NEVER closed but… I don’t have to waitress anymore either. I told the baseball coach he owed me $5 a day for a meal stipen for Payne. This conditioning and tryouts is killin’ us.

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