It zipped!

There’s been a lot of talk about anniversaries around here.  Josh’s mom and dad celebrated 40 years in December.  My mom and dad celebrate 37 years today, and Josh and I will celebrate 10 years on Thursday!  Marcy and Jesse will celebrate their anniversary in just a week or so.  Mack must be paying attention to all of this talk because today he said, while looking at my wedding portrait, “I wish you would be in that dress right now.”  I told him I had that dress in my closet.  He insisted on seeing it and then he said, “Put it on, Mama.  Let me see, let me see.”  It was so sweet!  So what did I do?  Said a quick prayer it would zip and then put on my wedding dress.  Mack thought it was great, but then he wanted to know where my head thing was, so I pulled out the veil and put it on, too.

Now keep in mind, this is 10 years and 3 babies later….I have a UTI and haven’t slept well the past couple of nights…I have been doing all manner of house work this morning…I don’t have one stitch of make up on unless you count what I wore yesterday…

However, I am still thrilled that it zipped.  If it zips in another 10 years, that would be wonderful!


12 thoughts on “It zipped!

  1. Wow, I’m jealous!!! You look great…and boy, those are some cute, cute pics! BTW, I taught my kids to say “Mommy is a princess” when they were babies and would ask about my wedding portrait…hahahaha!

  2. hahaha! i’m lol at Marcy’s comment!! too funny! Marcy a princess! haha! j/k

    anyway, on to this post…WOW Kristy, you do look GREAT!! i hope my dress will fit me by our 10th anniversary…i’ve got 3 more years before that happens.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EARLY TOO! you and Josh are a match made in heaven!! LOVE YA’LL!!

    ps. i’ll be glad to babysit the kids so ya’ll can go out! 🙂

  3. Wow who would have thought you would be more beautiful 10 years later??? I knew you would be.


  4. Kristy, the Lord is so good to have given you such a wonderful gift just when you needed it. To think you spent so much $ on your hair and make-up for your wedding. You look so beautiful and your little groom is too sweet, thanks Mack . Happy anniversary to you and Josh. May the next decade be as happy as your first one. I love you all, Aunt Pep

  5. HAHAHA…Marcy a princess…WHATEVER…
    I can not believe y’all have 10yrs behind you. What a blessing. You look amazing in your dress…show-off. I hope your dad doesn’t see it and get all misty eyed again. He is such a big teddy bear when it comes to his girls. Dan and I will hit 20yrs this June. I REFUSE to try on my dress.

  6. Seriously? I am 100% certain mine would not zip. So I will keep mine in the attic 🙂 Love that Mack, precious boy.

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