Crazy how time flies.  Already a few days into this new year of 2011.  2011.  That’s a weird year to type out.  Maybe by April I will naturally write the correct year in my checkbook.

I usually LOVE new years…new starts, new goals, a time to clean out drawers, buy new calendars, start a new journal, and on and on the newness could go.

I seem to have a different take at this new year.  It’s not that I don’t still love the new calendars and journals; it’s just that I am not so much into setting any plans this year.  We are in such a place that I have never planned for that I have to fight throwing up my hands when it comes to planning.  I mean, really, we are in control of so very little…almost nothing…maybe nothing at all.  I still haven’t figured that out.  HOWEVER, this isn’t meant to be a hopeless sort of non-planning…just a new freedom that is coming from trusting the Lord, I hope.

So instead of planning what size jeans I intend to wear by Spring or how many miles I want to be able to walk or how much savings we should have squirreled away by this time next year, I think I will settle in on just a couple of very simple things.

1) Spend time every morning with the Lord and learn to practice His presence throughout the day and night.

2) Depend more on His Word and less on people and/or circumstances to provide true life.

That’s it.  That’s enough.

“Seek the Lord and His strength.  Seek His face continually.”  Psalm 105:4

3 thoughts on “2011

  1. Oh my…what a wonderful post…and you know how I am…so thinking about all this NON-planning could possibly give me hives………..but you are very, very RIGHT that we are in control of so very little – that scares me, but SHOULD give me peace b/c what do I think I know about a REAL plan?? Thank The Lord that He is in charge (even when I miss it sometimes).

  2. Hey there,

    I just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me. I have learned so much from you, even tho, you are younger than me 🙂 lol GOD truly has a plan and wants us to just sit back and give it all to him. You are a great example of someone doing that 🙂 Keep going girly !! By the way, your kids stories are adorable 🙂

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