Fun time in South GA!

We took a trip to visit with Gran and Paw Paw this past weekend and had a wonderful time!  The weather was so nice.  The kids had a fun time at a local pumpkin patch.  And we got to stay in the new & improved pool house (my kids call it the “beach house.”).  Everything was so pretty and nice.  The kids got to sleep on double beds that were bunk beds.  Mack was on the bottom, of course.  He cannot be trusted.  (As I type this he is “sneaking” gummie bears that I just told him not to touch…oh my.)

Here are some pictures from our weekend.  Wish I was feeling creative and full of energy right now, but that is not the case.  I am sure pictures will tell enough of the story.  🙂

Well, I do have to say that Molly’s teachers and her class made this awesome poster for Gran as she is going where the Lord takes her these days.  She is feeling well and looks fabulous!  Keep praying for her!

While this golf cart is the usual mode of transportation down there, PawPaw brought out a new set of wheels that we all wanted to try out!

We had a blast and can’t wait until Thanksgiving!  It will be a fun time with lots and lots of family.  And food–we can’t forget the delicious food!

4 thoughts on “Fun time in South GA!

  1. You were five miles from my house when you were at the pumpkin patch! Call me next time so I can seeeeee you!

  2. Looks like fun! And I like the face paint 🙂 I’m glad someone is a nice Momma who lets their kids do that sorta thing (hee hee). Gran looks great…and what a sweet poster from Molly’s class!!! I’m glad y’all had a fun visit. Oh, and Vance and Jesse really like PawPaw’s new wheels…us Iveys don’t have a golf cart, so the tractor is our preferred mode of ‘around the property’ transportation 🙂

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