What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

With New Year’s Day 2010 quickly approaching, I wonder what our resolutions will be.  What will you try to give up?  What will you try to start doing more regularly?  Any physical goals?  Spiritual goals?  Financial goals?  Giving goals?

It’s pretty clear what Mack might need to get a handle on as we enter 2010….

This cupcake was supposed to be getting iced.  Mack had other plans for the icing….straight into his mouth!  What a messy, funny boy.

I hesitate to list the areas I want to focus on as the New Year begins.  Maybe I will share them around March…that is, the ones I have stuck to!  I would love to hear any of your resolutions though.

3 thoughts on “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

  1. no resolutions – can’t/don’t stick with them anyway. Your house looks very nice in the back ground of Mack’s pictures…..I know it is decorated beautifully.

    Mom (aka:Sweetie)

  2. mack is my kind of guy…who needs the cake?? i LOVE the pic of his eyes closed with the spreader in his mouth! too funny!!!

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