Augusta, GA

We took off Thursday for Augusta.  The trip there was long, but uneventful.  We were all glad to get out of the car!  When we cleaned the car out after the trip I was AMAZED at all of the stuff in the floor board, under the seat and in the cracks of the seat.  Three kids in one back seat can make a big mess.

There are so many parts to the trip that I am not sure where to start.  My mom took all of us to see the new Princess movie by Disney.  It was rather interesting.  I would not recommend going to see it or running out to buy the video.  There were many scenes with voo-doo and evil.  I should have read up on it before going to see it, but I really thought it would be ok considering it was G rated and a cartoon about a princess.  I was wrong.  My mom and I kept looking at each other like, “Oh my goodness….what in the world is going on?”  Mack ate up some popcorn, as did Molly!  Mack would say, “I like copcorn!  Do you??”  He drank lots of diet coke, too.

The kids opened presents from Sweetie and Paw Paw on Friday, too.  They  loved everything that they got.

A great gift for Molly! A real Hello Kitty blow dryer.  She loves anything to do with hair and make up!

I can’t say for sure, but I think PawPaw enjoyed the cars even more than Mack!  Though Mack did like them, and I even found him trying to set it up this morning!  I had to tell him no because I didn’t have time to sit and play with him at the moment.  This can be a “Daddy & Me” gift.

Ruby got many, many princess dolls covered in glitter and accessorized with tiny crowns and necklaces and shoes.  OH my.

Did I mention that they are covered with glitter all over their clothes?  They are, in case I didn’t mention it.

And all of these precious Polly Pocket Dolls have made their way into our home, too!  They come with 5,487 removable pieces.

(You know I am just being dramatic, Sweetie.  Ruby played for about an hour with all of these little people this morning.  Money well spent!)

Mack got this scooter.  Notice the cool Spider Man boots…they even light up.

Josh spent time with Ruby and the Polly Pocket dolls.  What a sweet daddy.

All the kids have fun opening the gifts that they got for each other.

This was Vance’s gift.  Kaybeth is such a good “helper.”  She came in carrying this particular gift and saying, “This a microphone.  This a microphone.”

This is where we would corral them so that we could see what the person was opening.  They would eventually all get up and crowd the person, but then we’d get them back in a little line.

Molly, Ruby and Mack each got a sleeping bag.  They all slept in them on their bed.  That is my idea of camping!

Sweet little Renn with her daddy, Uncle Jesse

Kaybeth and her Dora lunchbox and videos

Ruby was so patient and waited and waited on all the others to go before her.  We started with the youngest.  She was excited to have her turn!  We have played Connect 4 and Go Fish already this morning.  Thanks, Aunt Marcy!

This is the bus my mom rents each Christmas for all of us to get on and ride around in.  We went to see MeMe, ate Mexican, rode around some more and then went and visited with some friends.  That is when our family left for home.  The rest of them rode around at night to see Christmas lights.

The kids like opening the bus door.

All the kids on the bus, the craziness of all of it can make one act a bit silly.

Oh yeah, we also stopped by a fire station where my parents knew someone who was working.  The kids all got to get in the truck!  Fun.

And Uncle Jesse stepped in dog poop….gotta love that.

Mack, yet again, did not want his picture made.

You just have to laugh at him.

The little stinker


Mom & Dad, us girls, and the grandkids…Mack, again, not wanting his picture made.

There are many, many more pictures and more stories, but I am so out of time!!!  Gran and PawPaw are here, I am in the process of making more cinnamon rolls, and we are having several folks over for dinner tonight.  Gotta run, but I will finish this post at some point….hopefully before the New Year!

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  1. Love this…and I know Jesse will appreciate the “poop” post 🙂 Y’all enjoy yourselves and don’t worry about the blog………… will be there after the dust settles 😉

  2. so glad you made time to update your blog! i love looking at it each day! hope ya’ll have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy each other! love you all!

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