Birthday Present

We are home from Augusta, and I have lots of pictures and some stories about our time there.  It is late, I am tired, so they will have to wait until I have some more time.  Josh and I got up very early, went to church with the kids, let the girls go to Mrs. Mary’s house (thank you, Mrs. Mary!!!!), and we took Mack with us to get some more Christmas shopping done.  We didn’t realize what all we would be doing this afternoon, and I clearly wore the WRONG high-heeled shoes!  Oh my.

We were talking to Mack about Christmas and telling him that we are celebrating Jesus’ birthday.  He really doesn’t quite get it.  He would say, “My birthday?”  or  “Your birthday?”  And he did finally say, “Jesus’ birthday??”  YES!

Later, in the car, we were still talking about birthdays.  He wanted to know when his birthday was, when Molly’s birthday was, when Ruby’s birthday was, when Daddy’s birthday was, and then he asked when my birthday was.  He noticed that he and I both have March birthdays.  He stopped and said, “March?!”  I told him how I had him  on March 28th and then got to bring him home on my birthday, March 30th.  “You were my birthday present, Mack!!” I said with excitement.  His reply was, “I was in a bag?”    Hilarious!  He was picturing that he was literally a gift to me…like a package.  So cute!  For now, we’ll just let him believe that he came into our world by way of a birthday bag.

Such a cutie

Until more sleep and some rest for my tired, aching feet……good night!

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  1. Oh! I am so with you on the wrong shoes today! Been on my feet since 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.!!! I thought my whole foot would be a blistered mess when I got home. I hope you got to soak your tootsies and that you’re done shopping. Love you, lady! Thanks for the Christmas gift!

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