What do you want for Christmas?

I have asked my kids so many times what they want for Christmas.  Ruby says, “Oh, you can just get me anything.  I will like whatever.”  (Really?)  Molly hasn’t said much except that she wants some hair things to pull her hair back. Remember, she knows how to do her own ponytails these days.  And they are lovely, just lovely.  Mack’s answer has consistently been, “Fider Man Wash.”  He sometimes adds, “so I can go to work.”  He wants a Spider Man Watch to wear and that will mean he can go to work since Daddy wears his watch to go to work.  Makes sense to me!

Last night Josh was bathing the kids and Ruby closed her eyes so he could wash her hair.  She told him, “I can see all of my Christmas presents when I close my eyes.”  Josh said, “Really?  What do you see?”  He said she named off a lot of different things.  In an effort to make sure she isn’t disappointed on Christmas morning, Josh said,”Now you know you won’t get all of those things just because you see them in your mind.  Remember that it is Jesus’ birthday and that is the reason we give gifts….”  She abruptly said, “Well, I want a nativity, too!”  Oh, well that makes it all better.  We’ll run out and complete her list that she can envision right away!!!

Funny kids.  I am finally finished shopping for all of them, the three cousins that were on our list, two adult gifts to exchange with my sisters and their husbands, Daddy, Mama, Merrilee, part of Gran’s, and the kids bought me a cute little necklace today.  They really wanted me to have something.  They weren’t actually with me when I picked it out, but I am sure that they would have wanted me to have SOMETHING in my stocking.  I told Josh that they want him to have something, too.  My limit was $20, so I told him to be sure to stay within those boundaries.  ha!

Isn’t that cute?  Hoot.Hoot.

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