So polite.

I am hoping that little Mr. Mack will be as polite in his future years as he is during his toddler years.  He just said to me, “Mommy, how you doin’?  Good?”  I told him I was good and asked how he was doing.  “Good!” he exclaimed.

At Wendy’s tonight he said, while finishing up his hamburger, “Thank you, Daddy!”  Then, Molly and Ruby chimed in with their thanks.  I just smiled, but that wasn’t enough.  “Say to Daddy Thank You, Mama.  Say Thank You.”  I complied.

And he will not go to sleep at night until he has gone into the girl’s room and said good night to them.  “Say Goo-Night, Mama.  Say Goo-Night to Dobby (Molly) and Rubby (Ruby).”

Like I said, I hope he keeps up such niceties.

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