Thanksgiving 2009

We got back this evening from Augusta.  It was such a wonderful Thanksgiving!  All of the cousins played and played and played some more.  I enjoyed catching up with my sisters, and I always like the late night talks with my parents after the kids are in the bed.  We ate way too much, but that is just how it is on Thanksgiving, right????  Right.  I will narrate  as I post the pictures.  Cacy will be sending me some more pictures, too.

We went to see MeMe on Wednesday afternoon.  She was doing very well and seemed happy that we all came to visit with her.

What do you do with little kids in a nursing home?  Blow up the gloves into balloons and bounce it around the room!  That’s what.

That night we all ate outside at my dad’s “lean-to” behind his shop.  Molly followed Renn around “helping” her all night.

This is my dad getting the heater ready down at the “lean-to.”

The kids played with, what I called, “glorified trashbags” that I brought.  They would just throw them around, hit someone with them and them pop them.  Fun times.

Aunt Marcy with my girls

Mack and Vance

Aunt Cacy with her daughter, Kaybeth

Vance–mad about something

Classic Tommy (PawPaw) and Kay (Sweetie)…he never leaves his bedroom without shoes and socks…she could have been out in the freezing temps with shorts on!

My sweet husband

Molly was quite bossy most of the time.  There are seven grandkids and five of them are younger and shorter than her!  She took full advantage.

Molly and Renn

Mack in a little swing

Thanksgiving morning with three little munchkins I am thankful for!

Our family of five

My mom and Ruby

My dad and Josh watching the turkey fry

Mom making her dressing

Ruby reading “Dick and Jane” stories

Marcy, Jesse, Rennison and Vance…her finger is up her nose, how cute!

Renn is not happy

Mack wasn’t willing to be a part of the cousin group

Aunt Marcy doing dishes…had to get a picture of this!

Aunt Cacy watching Aunt Marcy wash the dishes

Renn and Me

Kaybeth picking her nose

Renn eating a turkey egg roll thing that my mom and dad made…..they were very good….turkey and dressing in an egg wrap and then fried.  YUM.

The guys all hanging out

We went to Aunt Cacy’s house later on Friday and the kids played outside,  then went inside the playroom for a dance party.

Ruby doing the sprinkler

All tuckered out from the dancing

All seven grandkids with Sweetie

All seven grandkids….at this point they are over getting their picture made!  They are all so sweet and cute.

Maybe after a good night’s sleep and some cleaning up around here, I can think of some stories to go along with all the pictures.  For now, I will go to bed!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2009

  1. LOVE ALL THESE PICS!! Especially the family ones and the kids with mama and on the fireplace! SO cute!! I will send you some that I took! We enjoyed having ya’ll here this weekend! Love ya’ll!

  2. This is Mary…not Older…and I love the pictures. Look forward to catching up when we get back in town. Happy Thanksgiving!

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