Let the Celebrations Begin!

Well, Thanksgiving Day is fast-approaching!  We have already started the festivities.  Ruby had a Thanksgiving Feast at her school today and there was a little play in her room right before lunch.  Gran and Paw Paw got to come up to be a part of it all, and we have had so much fun.

I volunteered to make Thanksgiving-themed cookies for Ruby’s class; I was so nervous because my first reply to the one who asked me was that I would order something and be sure to have it there.  I thought ordering something would be great considering that I would have made sure they were really cute and appropriate for the Feast.  I am quickly learning that homemade food is the preferred choice.  Sooooo, after doing a little google searching, I found this cookie:

I thought it was so very cute, but I was unsure of my abilities.  I am not, and never have claimed to be, Wonder Woman in the Kitchen.  I can get by, but I am not savvy at any of it.  BUT, these turned out great!  I was very happy that I had tried something I wasn’t sure I could do.  (even though I lost some sleep over it and when I was sleeping I was dreaming of all that could go wrong and nevermind the fact that I couldn’t find BRACH’S candy corns anywhere when I needed them……)

We baked the sugar cookies, then spread chocolate icing on the top curve and added candy corns to make the feathers.

Then, we used green icing and mini-chocolate morsels for the eyes.

The end product didn’t look exactly like the picture, but they did turn out adorable—in my humble opinion.  🙂

Gran and Paw Paw helped us make the cookies.  Paw Paw also had fun creating his own cookie.

Around 11:30 Ruby was having a play in her room before lunch, so we all headed up to the school.  We were all very excited to see Ruby!

Molly got all dressed up for the occasion.

Ruby, the pilgrim woman!  How sweet is she?

I could hardly stop taking pictures of her in that sweet little bonnet.

These were the Indians.

The pilgrim men

During class the kids had come up with their own Thanksgiving menu.  There were some funny items…nerds, frogs, and more!

Amazing Mrs. Honaker….love this lady!  Oh, and look…do you see what I see on the table????

Take a closer look over to the left….yes, right there.  The Turkey cookies some crafty mom made.  ha!

OK, back to the focus of this morning.  Ruby’s line was, “Mercy Me!”  It was so stinkin’ cute.

They had to hop up and down saying “pop, pop, pop!”  each time Mrs. Honaker said the word corn.

Then, one of the parents got to participate.  Lucky me.  It would have been much more fun to watch Josh with these other two dads say, “Mercy Me!” and hop up and down.

And now to the good stuff.  Mack was enjoying some mac-n-cheese.  The lunch was catered by Family Traditions.  YUM.

Molly smiled for only parts of the lunch.  There was a person dressed as a Turkey roaming around and scaring her to death.  I told Josh that there is no way I am paying good money for Disney anytime soon with a child who is deathly afraid of “characters.”  I’d be forcing her to give Mickey a hug while she pee’d in her pants—-all because “we paid good money for you to have fun!”  No thanks.  We’ll just wait until she is 10 years old, I guess.  Maybe we will be forced to have all of our vacations take place at the beach until Molly can handle the costumes.  Hmmm, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all.

What a fun day!  I love Ruby’s school.  It is such a wonderful place to be.  I am so thankful that she gets to go there this year!

8 thoughts on “Let the Celebrations Begin!

  1. Great Time was had by all. I’m sure. I am so glad Gran and Paw Paw got to be there and share in all of the fun. They are really good helpers.

  2. I love that little play! That is the same one that they put on for 1st grade at Johnston every year. I always like to see who they’ve chosen to be the Pilgrim Minister, “Bless them all!”

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!! The cookies are precious…and Ruby looks even more precious in her bonnet! Don’t you just love Thanksgiving??????? Such an overlooked holiday! Love you guys!

  4. oh my! cute cookies, but even cuter pilgrims and indians! we are gonna have to make some thanksgiving craft while ya’ll are in augusta! looks like the play was great! wish we had a school like that! see you soon!!

  5. Cookies are too cute!!! I saw some “turkey” cookies that I wanted to try, but wasn’t too sure of my abilities….now you’ve inspired me to give it a try!!! 🙂

  6. Cute!!! We made those turkey cookies last year. They are SO cute and so fun to make!!! Ruby’s class play looks really cute! I’m hoping for Mrs. Honaker for next year! (Oh, and I love Molly’s outfit…looks a lot like what Maggie picked out for today! Thankfully we’re not planning on going out in public today.)

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