Had to laugh

Ruby says so many things to her teacher and class about us, and I am not sure how it all comes across.  BUT, this time she shared what someone else said about their dad, and I know this person and had to laugh.  She said, “He said that his daddy cuts the heads off of turkeys and watches them still run around.”  What probably happened is that in an innocent conversation the dad of this little boy was telling him how turkeys sometimes run around even after they get their heads chopped off….but this little boy decides to say that his dad actually does this.  Because I know the family, it makes me laugh even harder.  They hardly strike me as the type that would do this for fun.  Oh, I wonder what all Ruby has said.  I remember asking my mom, “What will she tell her teachers?”  My moms reply was, “Everything.”

Great.  Let’s just hope Mrs. Honaker is very keen on how Kindergarteners can exaggerate or fabricate a story in all sorts of ways!

4 thoughts on “Had to laugh

  1. We used to tell our parents that we’ll believe half of what they say happens at home if you believe half of what they say happens at school. I hope none of the kids are traumatized by that story!

  2. Noah, the 12 yr old (middle child…haha) told everyone at his middle school that his dad, the Dr., said he had swine flu. He overheard us talking about it…anyway the nurse called me to ask me to speak w/ Noah and get him to stop saying this because he was starting to scare everybody.

  3. Stephanie – good tactic…hey, if you can agree to ignore certain things the kids tell you about homelife then surely the parents can “ignore” as well.

    Leigh – too funny! Parents were probably calling up to the school to question this crazy fam who would send their child to school to infect everyone with H1N1!!!!

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