Conversations with Mack

Last night I was changing Mack’s diaper.  I asked him when he was going to start using the potty like a big boy.  He said, “I like diapers.”  I told him how gross they are…the nasty tee-tee and yucky poo-poo….”A dirty diaper is so gross!!!”  His reply was, “Yes, it is!!!”  And he had a big smile on his face then said to me, “Don’t tell me that, stinker bear.”  He is crazy.

Then, this morning at the breakfast table, I was going over Ruby’s Sparks Verse and Molly’s two Cubbie Verses.  They did very well.  Mack, feeling left out, said, “My Puggle verse is…PUGGLES.”  And he smiled really big like he had done something great.  We all smiled back and told him how smart he was.  What a funny boy.

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