Today was about as good as it gets for Saturdays!  We woke up with all three kids in the bed with us, playing and laughing and hugging.  Josh made pancakes.  We sat outside on the back porch for hours!  The kids rode their bikes and played.  It felt like a Fall morning.  We ate lunch, had a short nap, did a little school work to get ahead, and then went back on to the porch to watch it rain and rain and rain.  Oh, it was a nice day.  Josh took Molly with him to get his hair cut and to run in the grocery store.  That girl had a hat on, sunglasses, a purse, Snow White high heels, AND her rolling Princess luggage.  It was a sight.  This has truly been a FABULOUS day.  I love our back porch…I am finding it hard to leave the house these days!  I would show some pictures, but my camera battery is dead.  Oh, well.  Maybe next Saturday I can do the same thing, and I will take pictures then!

One thought on “Porch

  1. I agree! I love your backporch. I love the way the kids jump up in the morning and immediately ask Papa and I to go outside and watch them play. Of course we would take our coffee out back and enjoy the next hour just watching them ride bikes or glue, or run, etc. I love watching Mack laugh and make funny faces. I love listening to Molly talk and watching her dress up. I love listening to Ruby’s grown-up conversation and witness her sense of style. What great kids!!

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