Glutton For Punishment

We went to the mall again.  Amazingly, the kids were great.  We did buy over-priced pizza, but they all three shared the slushee…sort of.  Mack gets a mean grip on the cup, and I just let him.  Honnery Yarn Kids (Pottery Barn Kids) proved to be a fun time, as usual.  I walked out purchasing nothing this time.  A small step towards freedom from the PBK.  Disney was horribly uneventful.  Some sort of spell comes over you, though, as you walk through the threshold of the huge, red Mickey ears.  All of a sudden, the tacky Donald Duck shirts and polyester Hannah Montana pajamas look cute, and I really want to buy Molly a $10 pack of four princess pens that she is begging for.  Again, a small victory as we walked out empty-handed.  I had a coupon for Stride-Rite, so Ruby and Mack got a pair of shoes.  I am facing the whole second-born, hand-me-down thing with Molly.  The girl has enough of everything, but what is it that makes me feel so bad when she doesn’t get much at each season change?  It’s stupid really.  She has what she needs…..this subject is a whole ‘nother blog…..back to the mall—–  I made a HUGE mistake.  I tried to shop for me.  It’s a good thing I had my QT that morning because I wasn’t trying on just anything.  It was JEANS.  I hate jeans.   I loathe jeans.  Oh my.  I will spare the details of this episode, but the gist of it is that D.C. (the sales guy at Juicy something or nother) was very nice, suggested some fancy priced jeans for me, and sent me to the fitting room.  I pushed in the two seater stroller that I rented for five dollars from the mall into the room that only had a curtain hanging between me and my three kids and the rest of the mall…while I tried on jeans, which I hate to do and of which NONE fit me.  I was a nervous wreck.  I mean, really, how many times could I say, “Ruby, DO. NOT. TOUCH. THAT CURTAIN.”  or “MOLLY!  Sit. down. in. that. stroller. right. now. Donottouchyourbrotheragain!”  All the while trying to keep calm so that D.C. doesn’t wonder what kind of weird-o I am (as if he wasn’t wondering already with me pushing that silly stroller up into his store full of cool jeans for skinny, young people.)  UGH.  Long, horrible story short—all the jeans were way too tight.  But whatever. Right?  During the walk out of there, as I am trying hard not to knock over any displays with the stroller, I begin telling myself over and over again, “Kristy, at least your soul is prospering.  Your soul is prospering (see an earlier post about your soul prospering).  Forget about the jeans.  They are just jeans.  Don’t get carried away with this frustrating moment.”

Moving on….a little later when we had sat down for the girl’s cookie (after the routine visit to the soft play area), Mack was kind of mad and kept lifting his shirt up.  I didn’t know what he wanted, so after a few attempts to make him happy with a cookie (don’t cookies fix most problems?  hey, is that why all the jeans were too tight?), I realized his jeans were too tight.  And I could so relate!  So, I unbuttoned his jeans, he visibly relaxed and smiled and then opened his mouth and said “Ahhhhh” for more cookie.  He just needed more room to breath if he was gonna finish that cookie!  Hilarious.  

Oh, tight jeans.   If anyone knows where I can find some cute summer skirts, let me know because I am all about wearing things that don’t touch my rear.  

Happy Friday to all!  I am excited about this weekend….Friday night date night at church, Saturday morning pictures, Birthday party at noon, hair appointment at 2:00 (good bye gray!), and we get to serve in the nursery Sunday….it is my joy.

3 thoughts on “Glutton For Punishment

  1. SO LAUGHING OUT LOUD!! My only successful jeans purchase lately was at GAP. LOVE THEM!! 2 pairs in fact! Maybe you just need to wear them unbuttoned like Mack. ; )

  2. I know you will think I am crazy, but my favorite pair of jeans right now are from Wal-Mart. I had to go kid-free to take my time and try a ton of them on.

  3. You crack me up! I love it! You are a brave woman too. I never shop with all three of my kids. I’m too scared to!!! My favorite pair of jeans…Ann Taylor Loft. Gotta love AT! As far as skirts go, I have no clue. I’m too scared to show off my pasty legs! We all have something, don’t we!?

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