No more pull-ups!!!

Yipee-yai-yay!  Molly has graduated to not wearing pull-ups at night.  She kept a pull-up dry for several nights, so we started talking about wearing panties to bed.  (Molly is 3 1/2 years old, and I don’t know if that is “early” or “really late” to be completely potty-trained, but the wonderful thing is that I don’t care.  I am slowly learning that each kid is different and all of those standards can just be thrown out the window…for the most part.)  So, as Ruby and Molly and myself were talking about Molly being a big girl and maybe wearing panties to bed when we ran out of her pull-ups, Ruby had some great insight to offer Molly.  Oh, the benefits of having a big sister….”Molly,” she said very firmly, “when you have a pee-pee dream at night, you just open your eyes and get up and go to the potty.  Don’t go to Mama’s room or to her potty.  Go to the one by our room.”  (VERY GOOD ADVICE, seems that Ruby should heed it.)  I was laughing inside at this conversation.  Molly was taking it all in, making a mental note of such valuable information.  I asked Ruby who told her that.  She said, “I told myself that.  I remember one time I was having a dream about having to pee-pee, and I got up……blah, blah, blah….”  She told the whole story of realizing she was dreaming and that she needed to get up and potty.  Molly re-hashed the whole thing this morning with me as we celebrated that she woke up dry.  

So, for the first time in almost four years, there is only ONE kid in diapers.  OH HAPPY DAY.  Oh happy, happy day.

3 thoughts on “No more pull-ups!!!

  1. hey girl i am so happy for you 2 down and one to go.
    I get to worry about Payne driving now(he is 15) and not wetting my pants.

  2. We just got Kayla off of pull-ups at night about 3 weeks ago. I’m sure she could have done it sooner, but INSISTED on still wearing them.

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