Molly, the make-up artist

Molly is stubborn.  She does not listen and obey well.  She gets out of her bed numerous times unless she is dog-tired, which is rare.  I love her, but she makes me crazy.  Crazy love, that’s what it is.  Last night Josh and I were meeting with a family friend’s college-aged kid who is selling Cutco knives.  (They were impressive, so we bought some…What unstable economy?  I rarely leave my house, we don’t watch the news, so we are oblivious…or so it seems.)  Anyway, while we were downstairs, Molly was upstairs just doing whatever she wanted to do.  WARNING:  These are spooky.  Josh was scared at first glance.  Seriously.

Please note the pink pencil circle all the way around her face, mascara on her eyebrows, lipstick all over....


Oh my.
Oh my.


She loaded her hair down with hair serum.  It is still in there today after washing her hair.
She loaded her hair down with hair serum. It is still in there today after washing her hair.

She informed me this morning that “athter I fixed my hair, I used Daddy’s toothbrush.”  It’s an electric toothbrush of which Molly is intrigued.  The girl never stops.  She knows no boundaries.  

4 thoughts on “Molly, the make-up artist

  1. Kristy, I think this blog might have saved Molly’s life on more than one occasion. Instead of reaching for a switch you reach for a camera. All of her antics are simply fodder for your writing. Just keep that in mind the next time, and the next time, and the next time she finds something interesting to get into. You can imagine what I would have said. Now, now, she is just inqusitive. What a sweetie!

  2. I received my mother of the year award many years ago for a similar incident! Both stories (Mack on the counter and Molly with makeup) remind me of about a million stories from when Alex and Brandon were little. WOW – do I ever wish I had taken the time to write them down. Reading your stories makes me laugh and remember how at the time I wanted to swat them and now I actually miss some of those crazy things! NEVER thought I would say that! I don’t miss cleaning up the messes they made, but I do miss laughing at the insane things they did when they were about 2 and 3 years old. What a pair! They are still a wonderful pair – without the crazy stories! ENJOY these funny moments and I am thankful you reach for the camera and keyboard to share!

  3. Funny pics!! Love reading your blog. Your life is never dull!! Side note….we have Cutco knives and LOVE them!!! 🙂

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